Did you know that the average household throws glass every day. Your fridge is still probably full of sauces, beverages and condiments chilling in glass containers. “The energy that could be saved from recycling one glass bottle could provide 20 percent less air pollution and 50 percent less water pollution.”

Good thing there are plenty of great ideas to reuse Barista Quenchers Glass Bottles. Learn how to reuse Barista Quenchers Glass Bottles in simple yet spectacular and inventive ways.


The Creative Pen stand

It gets really annoying when you want to write down something and there’s no pen around. It’s for such situations that you need a pen stand which not only serves the purpose but also helps to keep things organized on your desk. Now add more beauty to your work station with our new Barista bottles.

The Artist’s Quiver

A perfect painting requires a master stroke and in order to achieve it, an artist uses his best set of brushes. Now create your painting by without getting bothered with the hassles of losing your brushes with our new Barista bottles.

The Piggy Bank

Don’t feel motivated enough to save money? Well, we give you the best reason to spend less and save more with our new Barista bottles. Get one for yourself and start filling your little piggy bank.



The floral Vase

Flowers have the power to enhance the beauty of your surroundings while leaving the perfect mark on the guests that visit your home. Now decorate your home and display the flowers in our new Barista bottles.

The Glassy Makeup Brush Holder

Only when you are about to add the final touch to your look, the makeup brush goes missing. This happens a lot when you don’t have a makeup brush stand with you. Well, now you don’t need to worry anymore as now you can keep your brushes organized in our new Barista bottles.

The New Décor-Glass Bottle Lights

No matter what part of your house you want to decorate, we have just the right décor element for you which will make every nook and corner of your house even more beautiful. Decorate your house better with our new Barista bottles.


The Coffee Bean Collector

One relishes the coffee more when the beans are fresh enough to retain their aroma and flavor. We   know that you really love your coffee and that’s why we bring to you Barista bottles where you can store your coffee beans.


The Cache Keeper

Don’t you feel irritated when you are ready to enjoy your meal, the ketchup or the seasoning cache goes missing? Now you don’t need to deal with the problem of losing the caches as we bring to you Barista bottles in which you can store all your caches together.

The Colourful Pebble Collector

Only a pebble collector understands the pain of losing the precious stones. Even, if one of the stone goes missing, you are ready to turn the house upside down in order to look for it. Well, worry no more! Now, keep your favourite pebbles safe by storing them in our new Barista bottles.

The Bird Feeder

Love the company of your feathered friends? Then, we just the perfect thing for you, our new Barista bottles can serve as the perfect bird feeder in which you can store the grains with ease.



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